I am a girl living in a regency namely Probolinggo since I was born 20 years ago. It is located in the west part of Sitibondo and Jember regencies. Honestly, I never deeply recognize the town, where I was brought to the world and grown up. I’ve never travel around this town to know the characteristic of the people, the culture, and the richness exists in it. But, I am interested to tell people the beauty and the rich of it.mIt has many kinds of tourism resorts; one of the most common known is mount Bromo. Even thought, I never step my feet on its sands, but I will be proudly telling you how it looks. We can look down to the crater that full of its smoke, and feel the cold air there. Our eyes will be attracted by the sea of sand along the way to reach Bromo’s peak and many activities that could be done in this area such as; camping, horse riding or just walking around there. Well, other beautiful places are Andung Biru Tea Plantation, Gili Ketapang, and Madakaripura Waterfall.

Andung biru Tea Plantation is located in Tiris sub district. It has fresh and cold air. We will be enjoying its tea aroma offered. We can see the tea farmers who are plucking the tea leaves there. My friend, who lives near the tea plantation, tells me that we can see how the people there produce the tea leaves to be a drink we can directly consume.

Gili Ketapang is the North Island of the town. It has beautiful scenery, unpolluted and bluish sands, and colorful corals.  It is a small island that has 7.600 populations, most of them are Madurese and almost 90% are fishermen.

Madakaripura is a sacred area comprising lines of waterfall where its centre reaches a height of 200 m. The great natural power in Madakaripura was chosen by Gajah Mada as the place for meditation to get his supernatural power. After proving the evedence of Palapa Vow (Sumpah Palapa) by unifying Nusatara, he spent the rest of his life setting up vanity (Muksha) into Nirwana. Therefore, Mada Kari Pura means “the last residence for Gajah Mada”. There are still much more places to go, to spend hours and days with our loved ones in this town.

I have described one of the beauty existed in my home town. Hereby, other secrets you should know from it. Besides having lots of awesome places, it also has various culture and traditions, foods and drinks, etc. the people live in the town are Javanese, Madurese, Pendalungan (descents of Java and Madurese) and Tenggerese. There exist different Languages used by the people; there are Javanese Madurese, and Tenggerese language. The traditional arts owned by this town are Kiprah Glipang Dance, Kuda Kencak and Tenggerese Cultures (Tugel Kuncung, Ngiring Kucing, Mendak Tirta, Yadnya Kasada).

The most special drink of the town is Pokak syrup, a drink made of local spices, such as Cinnamon, ginger and sugar. It is categorized as a healthy drink. As we have known that it is traditional drink made of natural components. It is one of my favorite drinks!

There are lots of things owned by the town. I feel nothing when I am with my friends who proudly tell how their home towns are. It sounds they know much about it better than I do. Sometimes I just tell them what I know from my home town. Usually, I tell them that my home town is popular by Bayuangga that means Bayu=wind, ang/Anggur = grape, and ga/Mangga= mango. It is known as the producer of mango and grape that are exported to some countries. When it is the time for farmers to plant onion, exactly in Gending and some sub districts around it, it is usually windy and the wind is called Angin Gending. I don’t really understand to explain it geographically, but for me, this wind makes it so special.

I am proud to know little information of my home town than knowing nothing at all. One thing I should remember, one day when I grow older and better, I should give something to the earth I live in, at least I try making something special for it.


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