A Story from Thousand Seconds of Life

This simple story happened when I  was the second grade of senior high. My friends and I were delegated to participate in English Festival that was held on Sunday, April 24th,2010 in Islamic University of Malang (UNISMA). It was our first experience in participating competition arround East Java. On Friday 23rd, 2010 we left our collage to Malang. It was a joyful trip of ours, we sang song, joked and laughted all the time, It was four hours trip. We arrived there at 7 p.m and we spent the night in our teacher’s friend’s house, Mr. Nabil. We did not sleep too much, because we should exercise to face the competition. We participated in mind contest, speech and debate competition. Of course, we needed to take a lot of time for it’s prepration, till the day came to fight.

On Saturday morning we went to UNISMA, it was terrible because, we were late to join the opening ceremony. But, it did not became our backstop. We took a sit and payed attention to the Master Ceremony’s announcement about the regulations of the competition. After all, we were separated into each competition’s room. Me and my three friends were in the A building to participate speech. Yeah, we were in a big hunger, because we did not have our breakfast before. Something funny happened from my presentasion, I did not say “good morning” in that time, but I said “good evening”. I was so shy because they were laughing at me. But, I did not think it over till I finished my speech in 8 minutes. After all of us presented, we were taking a walk to other competition room and of course we looked for some meal for breakfast.

At 6 p.m we came back home for taking rest and at 7 p.m we went to UNISMA again to know the announcement of the competition, it was English Night Party.  After the party ended, we went home and we were surprised. Unfortunately, we got an amazing problem, we should move to the other house that was not used for 2 years. It was such eerie house, before we slept there was scary thing happened, when my teacher took a picture there was unknown white shadow appeared. We were scared and wanted to move from the house but, we could do nothing. Till one of our teachers solved the problem happened. In the early morning, we moved again to the previous house because, Mr. Nabil’s guests had gone home. It was on Sunday morning, the last day of ours in Malang. We took some pictures, joked and laughed happily. At 10 a.m we came back to our beloved collage, but we still came to Matos (Malang Town Square) to have a window shopping. We were so sad to leave Malang, because we should face a lot of activities in our collage again.

This is the story I have with my friends in my collage.

(first academic year, 2011)


One thought on “A Story from Thousand Seconds of Life

  1. hanyaanisa berkata:

    I wrote it when I was in the first semester,, so, mistakes are found here,,, because it is far from perfection. hehhee……
    I just want to share this….^^

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