The Influence of Globalization on Traditional Art

Globalization has attacked all aspects of human’s life such culture, social, economics, education and politic. It offers varieties of choices like fashion, music, technology, etc. for, people are creating a new way of life, they who want to be considered as prominent citizen or modern people should constantly following the change and the advancement of era. Nowadays, we see some changes from the way people speak, dress, could feel how the atmosphere of advanced era is going on. Culture contact with other countries influences traditional culture or art. Culture is everything that people have, think and do as members of their society. The influence of modernization, the change of social phenomenon concerning with traditional art, and ways to preserve traditional art in the process of advanced era are the prominent points discussed in this paper.

Considering about traditional is commonly linked to all ancient things which do not go along with the development of era, whereas modernization is always related to things that are up to date and go along with the change of era. For, modernization is more acceptable to be adapted in everyday life. Traditional music, songs, dances, clothes, etc. are some aspects that are influenced by the modernization. Western music innovations threaten traditional music existence. One of the examples is K-POP (Korean POP) music; its development influences musical aspects, like music genre, music packaging, innovative dance, and fashion. K-Pop Fever has attacked Indonesian teenagers, eventually they are imitating what has been a trend mark of Korean actresses like the way they sing, dance and even get dressed. It indicates that modern music development has influenced musical interest of Indonesian. Another example is variety of dances such as Hip Hop and Shuffle Dance. The devotee of modern dances are now dominating in Indonesia, almost every day we watch on the Television program teenagers who labeled themselves as modern teens are performing those kind of modern dances, so we rarely watch traditional dances are performed. Moreover, Indonesian music industries are now supporting the existence of Indonesian Boy and Girl band following western style.

Some causal factors of the changes are; first, local media is providing more modern global culture rather than local culture. Second, a fact that modern dances and music are more innovative comparing with Indonesian traditional art like Keroncong, Reog, etc. We find significant difference between them, where traditional art it is not innovated and developed to go along with the advancement of era. For, it makes traditional art are having few devotee and quite hard to preserve.

It’s a well-known fact that globalization could threat traditional art by some negative impact. Yet, it also gives positive effect. Considering the modernization that is symbolized with globalization, some artists are able to take benefit of the globalization’s phenomenon by showing some innovation and creativity on traditional art to public. For example, Opera van Java (OVJ) that often takes the story of leather puppet as a plot and wears traditional costume. Angklug is collaborated with other modern music instrument such guitar, drum, etc.  Also collaboration with modern music genre like Jazz, which was done by Angklung Jazz Ensemble. It proves that Angklung as an ethnic instrument is proper to collaborate with various music genres without losing its character as the main instrument. It indicates that traditional art is still acceptable although it should be modified to comply with the interest of people.

Modifying traditional art in order to fulfill people interest is highly important to do, because almost all kinds of art are actually the result of an adjustment to the advanced era, so a stiff traditional art is threatened to stop existing. It is closely related to human’s characteristic to desire new or modern things. Traditional art’s artist should go along with the flow of modernization, thus traditional culture could be preserved in the process of a radical and fast change. Using sets of modern technology is one of the ways to raise the selling value of traditional art. Analyzing contemporary occurrence that developed in social circumstance is a prominent matter to avoid the traditional art’s stagnancy. High commitment and consistent of people is significant to uphold the traditional art’s value in this digital era.



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